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Ask a Dietician Advice Teacher 
Calorie King Nutrition info Both 
Dietary Recommendations for Children  Both 
Family Guide to Healthy Eating Links Both 
Fast Food Explorer Nutrition info for common fast foods Both 
Fast Food Facts Nutritional Information for fast food Both 
Food Dictionary  Both 
FoodInsight food safety, nutrition, and healthful eating information Teacher 
Healthy Hearts Heart health and exercise advice Teacher 
My Pyramid Blast-off Game Student 
My Pyramid Games "Test your knowledge of the 5 food groups, and how much you need from each group" Student 
MyPyramid Tracker Login  Both 
Nutrients Links Info about carbs, protiens, etc Teacher 
Nutritional Analysis Tool Interactive database of nutritional info for a variety of foods Both 
Nutrition and Fitness Center Links for Parents, Kids, Teens Both 
Nutrition Cafe Activities and Information Student 
Nutrition Data More child-friendly version of My Pyramid Both 
Nutrition Data Nutrition information Both 
Nutrition Explorations Games, Activities Student 
Smart Mouth Games, activities, info Both 
Smart Nutrition 101 Information Teacher 
Superkids (Dole) Games, info, recipes Student 
USDA Food and Nutrition Center  Teacher 
Showing 23 items