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Math Lesson Links

Any of these lessons can be adapted for our
Units on Nutrition and Healthy Living.
All of these lessons have been taken from ThinkfinityNY

 Grade Link
 2 What's in a Name?
create bar graphs, pictographs, glyphs, and circle graphs
 3-5 Eat Your Veggies
students collect and display data in a variety of ways

Data Grapher
analyze data with bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and pictographs

 4 Fun with Fractions
students explore relationships among fractions through work with the set model

Body Measurements
People come in all different sizes and can be measured in lots of different ways. In this lesson, students can make their own fascinating discoveries and become aware of the concepts of ratio and proportion as they relate to measuring features of their own bodies.

The Beat of Your Heart
These activities emphasize the connections between science and mathematics by using a performance, or authentic, assessment format. Students have the opportunity to explore applications involving their own heart.

Ideas With Food
The following lessons focus on student organization, preparation, and presentation of some simple foods as a way of applying various mathematical concepts, with problem-solving techniques being central to almost all the activities.

 5-7 The Mangoes Problem
Fractions and problem solving

Sizing Up

Where's the Beef?
Meat consumption and statistics

Finding the Balance
Balance, mass, length of the mass arm, and the position of the fulcrum

Population Pasta
Translate dry population statistics into vivid graphics

Finding Our Top Speed
time and distance
 6-7 Spreadsheet and Graphing Calculator
investigate any functions that can be explored with a graphing calculator or spreadsheet software

Survey of Hair and Eyes
introduction to statistics

Measurement Terms
measurement and geometry
 7-9 A Lunch-In Affair
prepare a luncheon for the entire class

Do You Measure Up?

Whale Weight
relationship between a whale's length and its weight