Workshop Resources!!


Google Docs Introduction:

Health Research:
Developing A Nutritional Plan [link]
Google Spreadsheets Introduction
Fast Food Data Analysis Activity [handout] [click here for template)--remember to Make a Copy to use]
Developing a Research Question [handout]

Writing the Persuasive Essay [link]

Recording the Script with GarageBand
Finding and Saving Sound Effects

Google Sites Introduction [handout]

Wii Game System Information [link]
WiiFitPlus Program [link]

Wii Game System Set-Up [link] How to Create a Wii Mii Guide [linkMy Avatar Maker [link] Digi Body [link]  

Google Search, Specialized SearchAdvanced Search, Search History

Thinkfinity [link]
Science Net Links 
Obesity Project

Kid’s Health Issues [link]
Guide to Google Forms [link]

Introduction to Ipod Nano

Guide to the Nano

Nano Help Files

Nano Video Cam 

Nano Fitness

Nike Sign-Up Page What is Nike Active? 

Garmin  Forerunner Introduction

Garmin Explore

Google Maps and STEM Activities
What is Google Maps?

Google Maps Tutorials

Google Maps in the STEM Classroom

Online calorie calculator [link]

Exercise and Nutrition Resources [link]


What is Understanding by Design (UBD)?
More Examples:

Intel’s Assessing Projects Tool Tutorial [link]
Explore Formative and Summative Assessment [link]
Explore Purposes of Assessment [link]
Explore Intel Teach Assessment Website [link]
Explore Intel Teach Elements eLearning: Assessment in 21st Century  Classrooms [link]
View the resources on Intel Teacher Landing Page [link]
Set up your own Visual Ranking Activity [link]

Write Script (Download Celtx)
Celtx Wiki [link]
Shooting Video--using the Nano (How To)
Instant iMovie (iMovieHD Overview)
iMovie 09 Video Tutorials from Apple (Video Tutorials)

Ten reasons to use webinar technology [link]
Webinars in the classroom learn from Steve Hargadon [link]

Learn about videoconferencing [link]

Explore video conference offerings [link]

Learn K12 telecollaborative strategies from Dr. Judi Harris [link]

Blackboard Collaborate(formally ElluminateLive!) [link]

Blackboard Collaborate Support/System Check [link]

Safari Montage Live [link]

Webex [link]

Skype [link]

Join [link]

SAS Curriculum Pathways [link]

Professor Garfield [link]

Blogger [link]

Thinkfinity [link]

Vital/TeachersDomain [link]

Voicethread [link]

Jing [link]

Deirdre's Blog [link]