Topic 1

Boot Camp - Equipment Review


Location: Brooklyn Collegiate HS
2021 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11233


Wii Fit Review
1. Wii Game System and Wii Fit Introduction

1a. Wii Game System Information

1b. Wii Game System Set-Up
1c. WiiFitPlus Program

1d. Mii Set-Up and Avatars

1e. WiiFit Profile – Passcode, BMI, Fitness Plan

1f. WiiFit Activities – Balance, Yoga, Aerobics, Strength, Training Plus

 Connect Online: What do you need to have and do?

            Managing Your Wii Console's Available Memory Space

              SD Cards

            Making sure your SD or SDHC Card is compatible

            Connecting to the internet Part 1      

              Connecting to the Internet Part 2

                An Interactive Video to help you connect online!
                Online Connection Support Here


Ipod Nano Review
2a. Nano Guide

2b. Nano Help Files

2c. Nano Video Cam

2d. Nano Fitness

2e. Nike Sign-Up Page 

2f. What is Nike Active? 

iPod Nano Review

Setting-up an Free iTunes Account

iPod Nano and Nike Active Sync

Garmin Review  
3a. Guide to Garmin

3b. GPS Academy

3c. Garmin Connect

3d. Garmin Explore