Topic 10

Part 1: Blogger

Documenting Student Work-using Blogger

  1. Sign in to your FIAT account
  2. In the documents section, locate your Hotlist and open it.
  3. Open another tab next to your FIAT site and documents tab.
  4. Locate your FIAT Blog and open it in the new tab.
  5. Locate the area in the blog where you create a new post and open the new post.
  6. Add the first website from your hotlist to the new post by copying and pasting the link to the website and making it a hyperlink. Do not add the exact URL to the blog post, add the title of the site and make it a hyperlink!!!! You can add a clever title to this new post or just simply put the title of the website from the hotlist in the title section for the new post.
  7. Also, add the description of the website to the content section of the new post. Format the text by adding font, color and alignment changes if you wish.
  8. Also, add the image from the hotlist as well to the new blog post. You may be able to copy it from the hotlist directly, or you may have to download it onto your computer again and insert it into the blog post as an image. Either way the formatting tools in the blog post are similar to the formatting tools you used in documents.
  9. Add a sentence/question which will guide the students to go to the new website in the hotlist and be able to comment with a new understanding about a certain content topic or area of focus. Think about how this blog post will encourage them to explore the site that you are asking them to go to. Use the guiding questions that you added to your hotlist as ideas for guiding their research as they explore the site.
  10. Review the new blog post by previewing it before you publish it.
  11. Publish the new post.
  12. Have a colleague go to your Blog and comment on your new post.
  13. Remember comments need to be approved by you before they are posted and published.
  14. Repeat steps #3-9 for as many other hotlist sites you have.
  15. If you notice, posts can be created and not published, so you can create as many posts as you want to during this PD and prep time and publish them at a later date.

  • Follow this link to Deirdre's FIAT Blog. This blog will focus on FREE apps for iPad for FIAT. Click here to visit Deirdre's Blog. Please test out the apps and leave comments on the blog for other's to learn how you are using the apps in your classroom for the FIAT grant activities.

Part 2: Scriptwriting

Introduction to scriptwriting

  1. Think about the PSA ideas you added to the Outline Page. If you have not submitted to this page as of yet please do so now. Use these ideas to help you plan your script.
  2. Use this document template to create a script that meets the goals of the FIAT grant.