Session Seven
Tuesday April 20th , 3:30pm-6:00pm
Location: Brooklyn Collegiate HS 2021 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11233

Wednesday, April 21st, 3:30pm-6:00pm
Location: IS 302, 350 Linwood Street, Brooklyn, NY 11208

Saturday, April 17th, 9:00pm-2:00pm
Brooklyn Collegiate HS 2021 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11233

Proposed Topics:
Video Conferencing
Exercising with the Nano
Exercising with the Wii


1. Review – Where We Are:
Google Docs
Nutritional Plans
Public Service Announcements
Google Sites


2. Introduction to the Wii Game System and WiiFit
2a. Wii Game System Information

2b. WiiFitPlus Program

The goal of healthy living is to eat as many calories as the body needs to accomplish its metabolic functions. The way to do this is by eating the right foods in the right amounts and maintaining a high level of physical activity through exercise. This lesson is designed to help students understand these ideas by learning more about their own bodies and what they need to stay healthy.

What do you need?

You need a good sense of humor and you need to be prepared to realize how out of shape you and your students may actually be. You need a Nintendo Player, a television or projection device, the Wii Fit software, the remote and the Wii Fit Balance Board that comes with the software. There is no way you should use this software in a classroom without having invested some time and energy learning the system.


What does the Wii Fit measure?

Students take a body test and establish baseline data. They set goals. They select training categories; difficulty levels and they see demonstrations. Students have to earn their way to advanced levels of the game by satisfactorily completing less difficult, previous levels. Students record their results on a calendar in the game and chart their BMI (Body Mass Index) weight and center of balance. Student progress is documented each time they play the game. With increased fitness, students unlock new exercises and games. Gradually they improve their own balance and begin to understand its importance in their overall health. It’s a technological motivator.


2c. Manually Calculate Your Body Mass Index

BMI is a math problem. It is figured out by dividing your weight in kilograms by your

height in meters (squared).

If you don’t know your height and weight in meters or kilograms, you can use the

formula below to find your BMI:

Take your height in inches. ______

Multiply that number by itself to find your height in inches squared. ______

Take your weight in pounds. ______

Divide that number by your height in inches squared. ______

Multiply that number by 703 to get your BMI. _______

Let’s say you are 5’4” tall and weigh 125 pounds.

If you are 5’4”, you are 64 inches tall.

64”x64”=4,096 inches squared.



If the number is below 25, you are at a healthy weight.

If the number is at least 25 but below 30, you are overweight.

If the number is 30 or higher, you are obese.


2d. Calories and Exercise



3. Wii Game System Set-Up

4. Mii Set-Up and Avatars
How to Create a Wii Mii Guide

4b. My Avatar Maker

4c. Digi Body 

5. WiiFit Profile – Passcode, BMI, Fittness Plan

6. WiiFit Activities – Balance, Yoga, Aerobics, Strength, Training Plus

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